Etomidate B.Braun

Etomidate B.Braun
Etomidate B.Braun

Etomidate B.Braun

Etomidate-® Lipuro 2 mg

An IV hypnotic with outstanding local and systemic tolerance- Lipuro® - Technology by B.Braun

During its more than 40 years of clinical use, Etomidate has been the induction anesthetic of choice. It is especially favorable in high-risk patients with cardiovascular instability and emergency situations where the medical history of the patient is unknown. Previously known side effects like injection pain or vein irritation have been eliminated by the latest generation Etomidate. Now Etomidate-®Lipuro is an even better choice for you and your patients.

The innovative Etomidate-® Lipuro is based on the original B. Braun Lipuro®-Technology, which uses an MCT/LCT lipid emulsions as the drug carrier system for the sedative agent Etomidate.






User benefits

  •  No pain on injection
  •  No thrombophlebitis 
  •  Minimal cardiovascular effects
  •  Ready-to-use: No pre-dissolving or dilution necessary



10 ml glass ampoule

Therapeutic indications
Etomidate-® Lipuro 2 mg/ml is an intravenous hypnotic agent for:

  •  Induction of general anesthesia in adults, infants and toddler older than 6 months, children and adolescents
  •  Short-term anesthesia in conjunction with a suitable analgesic